Gum Disease Treatment in Burlington, VT

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Gum disease is something that you likely don’t want to deal with. Unfortunately, this can happen to a lot of people. Instead of just trying to live with it, resolve it now with effective gum disease treatment. Schedule your visit to Amazing Smiles Dr. Brad Kline, DMD, now in Burlington, VT.

What Can We Do for Gum Disease?

First, when you visit us, we inspect your mouth to determine the severity of the gum disease. Gum disease happens in various stages. First, gum disease manifests as gingivitis. You might have red or bleeding gums from plaque buildup. Then, gum disease becomes periodontitis, which itself can have different categories. Periodontitis might include bone or tooth loss, pockets, and receding gums.

After we know what stage your gum disease is, we can provide the right treatment. Gingivitis is often treatable with regular dental cleanings. We can easily remove built-up plaque and calcium. Additionally, with proper dental hygiene, you can reverse the symptoms and get your teeth back to normal.

With periodontitis, treatment depends on the level of periodontitis you have. Scaling and root planing can help reverse and treat periodontitis. This procedure removes tartar and plaque and makes tooth roots smoother to prevent bacteria buildup. However, with advanced periodontitis, you often need to see a specialist, who our dental office can recommend.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that gum disease can feel painful. Our objective is to help you feel confident and calm about your treatment and chances for recovery success. We are here to answer all your questions and concerns, as well as provide the necessary treatment to get your teeth healthy, strong, and beautiful again.

When you come to us for gum disease treatment, you’ll experience warm and courteous staff, a comfortable atmosphere, cutting-edge equipment, and qualified help with any dental anxiety you have. We know that dental work can be a stressful experience, so allow us to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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